Where I Belong


Where I Belong

Southern Belles Book 1

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Nothing could be worse than moving home, the place Miranda Philips ran from 10 years ago. She had good reason to leave, too—including her rocky relationship with her mother. But when her mother’s bakery is in jeopardy of closing, Miranda reluctantly leaves New York to help her family. She puts her dreams on hold, because that’s what her father would’ve wanted. However, since he’s been gone things haven’t been the same. Sure she grew up in Belle City, but she doesn’t know what to expect after so many years away. It sure isn’t rainbows and butterflies…and definitely not falling for Owen Bailey, a handsome contractor and new face in the small Georgia town.

As Miranda lets her guard down, she experiences an overwhelming comfort that she didn’t expect to find in Belle City. Still, not void of hurt, apprehension, and loose ends, Miranda must figure out if happiness is worth risking something safe for the thrill of the unknown. She must decide if faith is enough to show her where she belongs.