Searching For Forever

Searching For Forever

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We’re all searching for something – knowingly and subconsciously. That quest has never been more life changing for best friends, Yori, Kendra, and Destiny.

Yori found a protector and a lover in Donovan. He’s thoughtful, funny, and handsome, but there’s one person stopping her from completely committing to him: her father, Genji. With boundaries being crossed, and hopes of forever on the line, Yori wonders if she’ll ever receive the love she’s been longing for.

Kendra always had dreams of having a real family; something opposite of the single parent home she grew up in. When Coby, her daughter’s father, comes back into their lives, seemingly a changed man, she wonders if he’s everything she’s been praying for. By the time she meets Jeremy, someone who fits the mold she desires, the one thing standing in her way is her stubborn feelings for Coby.

Destiny has one goal in mind, and that’s to provide for herself. All of her past lovers footed the bill, but after the last one reneged on their agreement and proposed, she’s on a mission to prove that she can take care of herself. However, when old skeletons are dug up, threatening to derail what she’s been working for, she goes on a journey to find answers that Avery hopes to answer.

Although they face different hurdles, they take solace in knowing they’ll get over each one together. Through wisdom, late night tears, and the strength of friendship, they learn innumerable truths about life and exactly who holds their forever.