More Than Ready


More Than Ready

Book 2 in the More Than… Series

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Whitney was struck with curiosity after her date with Dane Russell. NFL stereotypes aside, she wanted to know if the “ready” declaration he made was actually true. After months of falling in love, an unexpected opportunity threatens to derail their relationship. When former disappointments resurface, Whitney deals with their future—and her past—the best way she knows how: by herself.

Breaking franchise records gave way to fame, and as success rose, women followed. Charming them was always easy for Dane…until he met Whitney. Captivated by her boldness, he quickly remembers nothing worth winning comes without a fight. He’s determined to leave his childish ways behind and battle the temptation that once ensnared him. While on the front lines, Dane wrestles with lingering pain and reconnects with his source of healing.

With adversities, assumptions, and secrets threatening to drive a wedge between them, Whitney and Dane are faced with a life changing decision: fight to stay together or let their love fall apart.