Coincidental Love



Coincidental Love

A Novella

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Charmaine’s 27, focused, and content with being single. But if the right guy comes along, she doesn’t mind exploring her options either. Her ideal guy checklist contains two things that aren’t up for negotiation…until she encounters a quick moment with Kelvin. He seems to be everything she wanted in a man, but when she finds out he contradicts one of her “nonnegotiables” she tries hard to ignore her feelings. When she finds out how connected they are, despite the distance, will she decide to give him a chance?

Jaime adores Trenton. He understands and values her, and he always remembers what’s important. However, lately he’s been less reliable, and absent most nights. While Jaime knows Trenton’s business is important to him, she wonders if he’s forgotten what’s significant to her. With arguments becoming the norm, and intimacy at a low, can Jaime and Trenton reconcile what was once so vital to them both?

Tyra’s loud, brash, and known to do her own thing. But every force has its weakness, and for her that’s Noah. She never thought she’d settle down, but they found love and couldn’t ignore it. After a rocky start, Tyra believes in Noah’s loyalty until she sees something from his past that threatens to taint their future. Will Noah’s credibility withstand Tyra’s doubt?

Love and relationships can occur in one casual encounter. Sometimes, it’s developed overtime. Occasionally, it catches both parties involved off guard. And every once in a while, it’s unplanned and spontaneous. While Charmaine, Jaime, and Tyra have their own love stories, they are blindsided by their coincidental ties to each other.