The Background…

I’m 26, which is sort of young, but honestly it feels like just yesterday I was turning 18—and now I’m four years away from 30! I earned my bachelors of arts in Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University while on a full basketball scholarship (Hoot! Hoot!). I started playing basketball at 8 years old, and I wrapped up my career a few years ago in Spain. I’m from Michigan, but over the last 5 years I’ve lived in Florida, Texas, and like I’ve mentioned earlier, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerifé, Spain. I love to travel! My wanderlust will not allow me to stay put…


The Author…

I began writing stories when I was in the third grade, to which my teacher told my mother that she thought writing was in my future. Though it wasn’t until I was in Spain years later that I started penning my first novel, Searching For Forever. Now, if I could, I’d spend the entire day crafting a novel, drinking coffee, and listening to Motown classics. I’ve been told that my novels resonate with readers as an exciting and relatable read. I understand that life isn’t perfect and predictable; neither are my characters. I aim to piece together stories that focus on hope, love, and unity. I generally write Christian romance novels, because who doesn’t love love—and the author of it? I am continuously amazed at the ability books have, connecting people from all walks of life. So, whether near or far, once you’ve read one of my novels we’re connected through that story and it’s magic.


The Scoop…

If any one of my “sister-friends” were to tell you about me, I’m sure they’d say I’m optimistic, caring, fun-loving, and adventurous—well, that’s what I hope they’d say— among other GOOD things. But if I’m being 100% honest, I’m sure they’d also add that I talk a lot, eat a lot, can be very random at times, and I’m the worst at multitasking. However, I know each of them would also describe me as a woman who LOVES God, and wishes to share His love with everyone she meets.



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