1stPSHey! I’m Chenise, a 29-year-old P.E. teacher and writer living in Detroit.

A few years ago, I’d spend the entire day writing, drinking coffee, and listening to music. God had better plans. These days, I spend my weekdays pouring into the next generation and laughing at the hilarious things my students say. I find myself constantly in awe of the amazing way God has transfromed my life.

Through the gift of writing, I’ve pieced together stories of hope, love, and unity—four, to be exact. I generally write Inspirational romance novels, because who doesn’t love love and the Author of it? Before writing and teaching, I lived a life dedicated to basketball, playing collegiately at Florida Atlantic University, and professionally in Tenerife, Spain.

If you met those closest to me, they’d say I’m a visionary, a caring friend, a fun-loving sister and aunt, and a loving daughter—well, that’s what I hope they’d say. But being 100% honest, I’m sure they’d also add that I eat a lot, can be very random at times, and I’m the worst at multitasking. Lord, help me! However, I know they’d also describe me as a woman who LOVES God and hopes to reflect His love to everyone she meets.

That’s why I created this blog. I’m passionate about visiting the complexities of love, literature, and light with other women in hopes of encouraging us all to find the beauty in every season life. 


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